Watched, watching and female virtuosos of photography in Berlin – Propuesta de exposiciones en Berlín

Voy a tener la suerte de visitar Berlín durante unos días y he encontrado algunas propuestas de exposiciones con una pinta estupenda. De momento adelanto la información y, más adelante, comentaré lo que me han parecido las que consiga llegar a disfrutar.

Watched! Surveillance, Art & Photography

C/O Berlin 
Amerika Haus, Hardenbergstraße 22-24, 10623 Berlin.

How can contemporary art and media theory contribute to a better understanding of our modern surveillance society?

The Berlin exhibition presents works by around 20 international artists who offer different commentaries on and reactions to precisely this question. It combines emerging artistic practices, represented by young artists such as Julian Röder, Viktoria Binschtok, and Esther Hovers, with the work of internationally recognized artists like Hito Steyerl, Trevor Paglen, Jill Magid, Hasan Elahi, Paolo Cirio, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, James Bridle, and Ai Wei Wei to present as wide as possible a spectrum of artistic approaches.

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Watching You, Watching Me

A Photographic Response to Surveillance with Mari Bastashevski, Edu Bayer, Josh Begley, Paolo Cirio, Hassan Elahi, Andrew Hammerand, Mishka Henner, Simon Menner, Julian Röder and Tomas Van Houtryve.

Together, these 10 artists provide a satellite-to-street view of the ways in which surveillance culture blurs the boundaries between the private and public realm. As technological advancements enhance the ability to monitor our daily interactions, these projects raise important and provocative questions about the role of privacy in preserving our basic freedoms and rights.

Museum für Fotografie
Jebensstr. 2
10623 Berlin

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Inquiring Camera Girl

With works by Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke-WhiteNan Goldin, Dorothea Lange, Lee Miller, and Ellen von Unwerth

A selection of over 60 works from the prestigious photo collection of CAMERA WORK AG by Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke-WhiteNan Goldin, Dorothea Lange, Lee Miller, and Ellen von Unwerth e.g. gives an insight into more than a hundred years of the history of photography. It also comments on the lives and careers of 30 female virtuosos of photography.

Museum The Kennedys
Auguststr. 11-13
10117 Berlin

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Rineke Dijkstra


For the series Emma, Lucy, Cécile (Three Sisters, 2008–2014) Rineke Dijkstra made the series of twenty-one photographic portraits of three sisters in Amsterdam, once a year for seven years. She had a special reason for this choice: the sisters are almost exactly seven years in age apart. In 2008, when Dijkstra took the first photographs, Emma was eighteen years old, Lucy ten, and Cécile four. The sisters sometimes have remarkably similar features and traits, and at other times differ so markedly it’s hard to believe they’re related. It is that ambiguity, above all, that gives the series its power; the viewer is constantly aware of the ways in which everyday reality and symbolism intertwine.

That same theme resurfaces in Dijkstra’s recent video Marianna (The Fairy Doll), shown in the adjacent room. It shows Marianna, a young Russian ballerina practicing for her audition for the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg.

Dijkstra’s engagement with them reveals the rich complexity of their personalities—personalities that are not yet, and may never be, finished. That unresolved tension is what holds our gaze.

Galerie Max Hetzler
Goethestr. 2/3
10623 Berlin

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